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About Kirky Mahal

Kirky Mahal is the best place for tasty Indian takeaway and quality service. We are an experienced restaurant that serves the community with devotion. We have several different dishes in our restaurant that are distinct and loved by many. Our restaurant is known for serving the freshest meals in town and it is the apex of food lovers within the town. Our success is mainly backed by a strong sense of service as well as excellence in preparing quality meals. We hold dear every customer that visits our premises for a meal. You can be guaranteed of always getting a suitable meal at all times as we are deeply committed to our ideals. Kirky Mahal also has a reputation for great service. We serve every customer passionately and with the expected devotion. Our key mission is to see that each customer gets a service that is both adequate and memorable. We are keen on making sure that we reach new milestones each day in the effort to satisfy our customers. For the most relaxing atmosphere, great food and an unbeatable service, be sure to visit our premises today. 

Kirky Mahal Restaurant

We are located in 37 Eastside, Glasgow G66 1QA area. We are about 20 minutes from the city centre of Glasgow and our restaurant is easily accessible by road. We are the best restaurant for Indian takeaway in the area. You can find our apps in both the App Store and Google Play for all the details about our dishes as well as information on making an order. Our restaurant is located in a pristine neighbourhood that is perfect for all those who want to enjoy their meals at the premises. We have the best delivery service for all customers in town. Get the app today and make an order to enjoy our convenient and efficient services.

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